The Future of Certificate Lifecycle Management is not Automation; it is Ownership

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Alexandre Aufrère

PQC Specialist - CTO

When it comes to Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), automation is key. But what if there was more to it?

We at EverTrust believe that the future of CLM lies not only in automated processes and tools, but also in an increased focus on certificate ownership. By understanding who owns a particular certificate, organizations can better manage their digital trust. Let’s explore why.

Certificates are used by everyone in an organization, whether is it mobile users who need secure connections or IT administrators who want to securely access systems and applications. As such, many different people will eventually be dealing with certificates on a day-to-day basis - from signing and validating certificates, to renewing them before their expiration dates and revoking them when necessary.

If a certificate isn’t owned by anyone specific in the organization, however - like if there was an absence of ownership responsibility across the board - chaos can follow when something goes wrong related to the certificates (such as expiry or revoke). If responsibilities for each and every certificate have not been established beforehand (which is most often the case), it becomes extremely difficult for a fractured team that lacks knowledge of what's happening with its important digital trust assets within their environment.

With EverTrust Horizon CLM solution, organizations are given complete visibility over all aspects related to its PKIs capabilities — from issuance through revocation — while at the same time offering great extra granular features such as assigning ownership across specific users or teams within enterprises; allowing those owners visibility into any event bound to one particular asset they are responsible for.


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