The Importance of Certificate Lifecycle Management in a Public Key Infrastructure

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Alexandre Aufrère

PQC Specialist - CTO

If your company has a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) then you already know how important it is to have secure, trusted communication between devices and systems. One crucial aspect of maintaining a PKI is the proper management of the certificates that make this secure communication possible. That's where Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) comes in.

CLM is the process of overseeing the entire lifecycle of PKI certificates, from issuance to renewal or revocation. This includes automating tasks such as renewing certificates before they expire, revoking compromised certificates, and issuing new certificates to new devices and systems.

Having a CLM system in place can save your company time and resources by automating these often labor-intensive tasks. It can also help to ensure that your PKI is secure and compliant by keeping track of the status of all your certificates and alerting you of any potential issues.

However the benefits of CLM go beyond just efficiency and security : by streamlining the certificate management process, CLM can also help to improve the user experience for employees and customers who rely on your PKI for secure communication.

EverTrust's Horizon CLM software makes it easy to manage the lifecycle of your certificates, seamlessly integrating with your corporate and cloud environments. With Horizon, you can trustthat your PKI is in good hands, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

In summary, a CLM system is essential for any company with a PKI : it helps you ensuring that your PKI is safe and compliant, allowing to save time and resources, and improve the user experience for those relying on your PKI for secure communication. Consider getting a CLM solution like EverTrust Horizon to take your PKI to the next level.


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