EverTrust and CryptoNext Security announce strategic partnership to deliver post-quantum PKI and CLM solution

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Alexandre Aufrère

PQC Specialist - CTO

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  • Quantum Threat has never been so close. Following NIST selection for future post- quantum cryptography standards, and recommendations from European Agencies, it is time to adapt infrastructures and applications for the post-quantum era.

  • Trusted digital solutions such as PKI and CLM are critical and need to be prepared for Post Quantum operational readiness.

  • EverTrust and CryptoNext Security join forces to deliver leading PQ ready CLM/PKI digital trust solutions to enable this strategic transition.

Paris, April 3rd, 2023 – EverTrust and CryptoNext Security announce strategic technology partnership to deliver Quantum-Resistant Certificate Lifecycle Management & PKI solutions to the market.

The development of quantum computers has seen a tremendous acceleration thanks to large investments. This will allow to break existing public-key cryptography in a near future, stressing the need for transition of infrastructures and applications towards new quantum resistant solutions. This requirement not to wait migration to post-quantum cryptography is made by all national security agencies including the NSA and the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) in the US, the ANSSI in France and the BSI in Germany, to name a few.

Solutions able to effectively combine and mutually leverage the essential technologies known as Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI), Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Post- Quantum Cryptography (PQC) represent a major step and a clear response to build next generation trusted digital solutions in this post-quantum era.

Evertrust, a European software vendor specialized in digital trust solutions (PKI/CLM) and CryptoNext Security, a European pioneer leading software vendor in Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) technology and Quantum-Safe Remediation (C-QSR) Solutions, announce today their long-term strategic partnership.

The EverTrust-CryptoNext Security alliance intents to deliver a natively crypto-agile and hybrid post-quantum digital certificate lifecycle management solution for market readiness as soon as 2024.

In practice, the EverTrust Horizon Certificate Lifecycle Management Solution integrates CryptoNext’s Quantum Safe Library (C-QSL), core of the CryptoNext Quantum Safe Remediation Suite (C-QSR).

EverTrust and CryptoNext Security will showcase, at FIC Europe 2023 Cybersecurity Tradeshow (April 5-7th, Lille, France), a live demo of Post-Quantum Hybrid Cryptography based certificates deployment, evidencing the Detection - Analysis – Remediation process.

Alexandre Aufrère, Founder & CTO of EverTrust and Florent Grosmaitre, CEO of CryptoNext Security have declared: “Our partnership was an evidence given our respective technologies and market growing demand. It also does showcase Europe’s excellence and reinforce its technology sovereignty”.

About EverTrust

EverTrust, based in Paris, was created in 2017. EverTrust is a software vendor specializing in a key sector of cybersecurity: digital trust. More specifically on the management of the lifecycle of digital certificates. EverTrust's mission is to provide operational, secure and high-performance solutions that make it possible to articulate IT security and control the lifecycle of digital certificates which are the basis of encryption on the Internet and whose mismanagement is a source of interruption of service.

To build a sovereign vision of cybersecurity, we supervise and support the upskilling of our teams in order to always be up to date with innovations and knowledge. It is a real lever for innovation and competitiveness. TRUST is the cement and the backbone of the company. We work every day to preserve it, honor it and grow it with our teams, our customers and our partners.

About CryptoNext Security

CryptoNext Security, based in Paris, was created in 2019 following more than 20 years of academic research. CryptoNext Security is a software vendor specializing in quantum computer resistant cryptography (PQC: post-quantum cryptography). CryptoNext offers its software suite of quantum-resistant tools and applications “Quantum Safe Software Suite”, including its world reference library Quantum Safe Library (C-QSL) with the entire selection of NIST algorithms, to user enterprises and integrators, to help them in their migration to the era of post-quantum cybersecurity.

CryptoNext Security was cited among the 5 reference leaders of the report on post-quantum cryptography by Gartner in October 2021 and distinguished in 2022, Innovation Prize from “les Assises de la Sécurité”. For more information, visit


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