Stormshield and EVERTRUST solutions interoperability assured for Google Workplace

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Alexandre Aufrère

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Stormshield and EVERTRUST solutions interoperability assured for Google Workplace

With this interoperability, clients using both solutions will increase their security on SaaS application Google Workspace

PARIS, May 14th 2024 – Stormshield and EVERTRUST, two leading European cybersecurity firms, are thrilled to announce the integration of their solutions Google Workspace Stormshield Data Security and EVERTRUST Horizon to seamlessly enable email encryption within Gmail.

This marks a significant milestone as it introduces a fully automated SaaS encryption solution beyond Google's ecosystem, eliminating previous constraints. Until now, implementing encryption in Gmail posed challenges due to the complexity of deploying and supporting features requiring Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs)

To remedy this situation and make it easier to deploy keys in Google Workspace, Stormshield is now offering a SaaS encryption service, enabling customers to implement encryption of sensitive data with minimal effort. Protecting confidential information in email exchanges is crucial to ensure confidentiality and data protection. Electronic certificates bolster security by verifying sender identities as well as message integrity.

“This collaboration results in a comprehensive email encryption solution that exceeds modern security standards, enabling our client organizations to communicate confidently, knowing their data is protected, says Jocelyn Krystlik, SDS Business Unit Manager. In cloud environments, client-side encryption (CSE) is pivotal, enhancing data security and the Gmail Client-side encryption (CSE) is notable for Google Workspace users, encrypting email content in the browser.”

Collaborating with Stormshield, EVERTRUST specializes in providing or interfacing with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for establishing secure communication channels within Gmail CSE. Effectively managing S/MIME certificates, EVERTRUST ensures seamless email encryption and decryption, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.

New SaaS key orchestration service

Next June, Stormshield will launch a SaaS key orchestration service to link PKI, the Stormshield encryption service and Google Workspace (CSE). This integration provides Google Workspace customers with an automated service that is transparent, simplified and requires no additional action on the side of administrators.

“We are happy to introduce this integration to our joint customers with Stormshield, explains Alexandre Aufrere, CTO of EVERTRUST. This technical collaboration between our two solutions will enable our common clients to enjoy a simplified and complete security, as EVERTRUST's ‘Horizon’ solution complements these efforts by offering a seamless Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) experience.”

Furthermore, through comprehensive workflows and machine identity management tools, EVERTRUST Horizon maximizes efficiency, simplifying system integration and lifecycle request processing, thus minimizing manual intervention and disruptions. This ensures smooth certificate management across devices, enhancing data security measures. Horizon also enables the management of S/MIME certificates for email encryption across devices and solutions.

About Stormshield

All around the world, companies, governmental institutions and defence organisations need to ensure cybersecurity for their critical infrastructures, their sensitive data and their operational environments. Certified and qualified at the highest European levels, Stormshield’s technologies meet the challenges faced by IT and OT to protect their activities. Our mission: to provide cyber-serenity for our clients so they can concentrate on their core activities, something which is crucial for the smooth operation of our institutions, our economy and the services provided to our people. Choosing Stormshield means opting for a trusted European cybersecurity provider.

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