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VERSASEC and EVERTRUST partnership simplifies identity enterprise management for Europe and the Middle East

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Alexandre Aufrère

PQC Specialist - CTO

PARIS, June 19, 2023 – EVERTRUST, a Paris-based certificate authority, serving France, Switzerland and the Middle East and VERSASEC, a worldwide leader in credential management, reveals a new technology partnership. The strategic collaboration will allow customers to manage their EVERTRUST certificates from the VERSASEC credential management systems, enabling seamless enterprise credential management.

“We are glad to announce our partnership with EVERTRUST, a renowned certificate authority with a strong expertise in certificates and their management. This collaboration will simplify identity enterprise management for our customers in Europe and the Middle East, allowing them to seamlessly manage their EVERTRUST certificates from our credential management systems. Together, we aim to deliver game-changing solutions, ensuring secure authentication and helping organizations meet compliance requirements and industry standards,” stated William Houry, VP of Worldwide Sales at VERSASEC.

“VERSASEC brings well proven technology related smartcard management, easy to use and very performant,” announced Alexandre Aufrere CTO at EVERTRUST.

Both companies are eager to begin this partnership and are confident that it will bring game-changing solutions to the region. The collaboration will involve knowledge sharing, and leveraging each other's strengths to deliver certificate-based authentication, to ensure that only authorized users can access protected resources. Finally, the integration helps organizations meet compliance requirements and industry standards related to authentication and data protection.


EVERTRUST is a software vendor leader specializing in a key sector of cybersecurity: digital trust. More specifically on the management of the lifecycle of digital certificates. EVERTRUST's mission is to provide operational, secure and high-performance solutions that make it possible to articulate IT security and control the lifecycle of digital certificates which are the basis of encryption on the internet and whose mismanagement is a source of interruption of service.


Versasec, an established global leader in Identity and Access Management, provides highly secure, powerful systems for end-to-end credential orchestration. Trusted by organizations and corporations worldwide, Versasec serves the public and private sectors in government, defense, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more. Versasec is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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EVERTRUST is a European company that provides a complete solution to manage your certificates. We are a team of experts in security and cryptography.



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