How to encrypt your data easily and effectively on Gmail? | Ask Ze Expert

Discover how Stormshield and Evertrust solutions protect sensitive data in Gmail, featuring insights from Alexandre Aufrère and Houyame Amellal.

How to encrypt your data easily and effectively on Gmail? | Ask Ze Expert

In this video, find out more about how the Stormshield and Evertrust solutions combine to provide optimum protection for your sensitive data when using the Gmail suite. Alexandre Aufrère, CTO Evertrust, and Houyame Amellal, Stormshield Pre-Sales Engineer, answer Manuel Jordan's questions.


0:00 Introduction and presentation of the speakers

1:01 Causes of data leaks

1:48 The benefits of encrypting user data

3:50 Technical terms and acronyms used in encryption

9:36 Demonstration of easy and effective data encryption

14:41 Benefits for administrators and users

18:38 Q&A, thanks and contacts

A video to answer the following questions: - What is sensitive data? - Encrypting or encrypting data? - What are the causes of data leaks? - What is the average cost of a data breach? - How can I protect my data? - How can I protect my data in Gmail? - What is data encryption? - Why should I encrypt my data? - How does data encryption work? - What is an orchestrator? - What is a PKI? - What is Client Side Encryption? - What is the S/MIME protocol? - How does the Stormshield orchestrator work?


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